Saturday, September 14, 2013

About This Website

You can find most of my writings these days, including more recent posts on climate, at Frugaline is pronounced like "gasoline". Before, there was, which called for squeezing the fossil fuel out of the economy through the squeezing effect of more conservation and more renewable energy. I was glad to hear Obama's Dept. of Energy secretary, Ernest Moniz, use the squeezing metaphor after he was nominated for the position.

Of the tabs above, Climate Q&A is helpful for understanding climate change, and the "ShortCuts" lists the steps we took to reduce home energy use by 35% without loss of comfort. 

I still use frugaline to power much of my life. You probably use some of it, too, without ever having thought of it that way. Scroll through the many posts below to get better acquainted with frugaline in its many guises.

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